Small Business Cyber Security

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses

A 2016 report by Symantec showed that 43% of cyber attacks in 2015 were aimed at small businesses (SMEs).

Our Services



Your firewall is the first line of defence against external and internal attacks on the network system. As a result, it must constantly adapt to effectively combat ever-increasing and evolving threats.

Using advanced manual and automated methodologies, our security specialists can measure your perimeter and internal firewalls against cybersecurity threats.

Service Benefits

Review organisation change management process 

Expose flaws and vulnerabilities in the architecture, operating system and policy rule set of the firewall.

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Is your company's security posture in need of improvement? Our security experts provide advice on identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in your IT environment.

We identify and prioritise issues from critical to low and recommend mitigation solutions in your organization’s perimeter, internal network, and cloud using advanced manual and automated methodologies.

Service Benefits

Identify Security Vulnerabilities | Discover Critical issues and recommended mitigations in your network.

Asset Identification | Discover Known and Unknown assets in your organization

Selective rescan by host, network and, sub-net | Targeted vulnerability analysis on your most critical assets.

Other Services

Prevent costly cyber security attacks by securing your company data from your digital infrastructure's backbone to your WiFi connection. Experience the benefits of a holistic approach to cybersecurity with these services.

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Take advantage of a security solution that considers physical and digital measures and includes services for the entire security lifecycle. 

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Enjoy secure and reliable WI-FI across your office meeting rooms with our wireless network design and consultancy services.

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Certified experts design a network from scratch or review your existing one topology to ensure that it's fast, scalable and secure.

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Our Approach


Stage 1: Information Gathering & Discovery

To understand the hardware and software present in your IT environment, operating systems, applications, ports, protocols


Stage 2: Detection

We use premier detection tools and systems to identify the vulnerabilities of the assets discovered and compiled during Stage 1.


Stage 3: Results Analysis and Reporting

We provide an executive summary and technical report of the identified weaknesses and vulnerabilities along with expert recommendations for remediation.

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About Novias

Novias Singapore is the Cybersecurity arm of PTS Singapore, a leading IT, AV, Data Centre, Acoustics and Smart Environments design company established in 2004 with an enviable track record of projects for local and global companies. As an independent consultant, PTS offers impartial advice that saves our clients money, resources and time. Our goal is to put our clients' best interests first and provide them with tangible benefits that last. 

With the aim of providing right-sized and effective cybersecurity solutions, Novias Singapore was founded in 2021 to help companies of all sizes protect their businesses and customers from the increasing and evolving threats in today’s digital landscape.

Novias Singapore is proud to be a partner of Novias Japan supporting our clients across APAC.


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My company is interested in this service however we have a tight budget. Are these services expensive?

Novias believes in being our clients’ trusted partner and accordingly provides its services via a transparent pricing structure. We will provide a free consultation to tailor a service to your budget.


Will your service disrupt our daily operations?

The vulnerability assessment will not disrupt your daily operations. However, it is recommended that remediation activity is performed in a pre-approved change window.


How long will it take for us to get the report?

The report will be delivered within five (5) business days after the end of the activity allowing Novias to have a thorough review. In the event there is a critical vulnerability discovered during the security assessment, Novias will escalate the finding to the client.