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Get FREE Cyber Security Risk Assessment on your organisation's cyber security posture 

Uncover valuable insights on your organisation's current cyber security posture and explore how to better strengthen it with our comprehensive cyber security services.

On-Demand Cyber
Security Services tailored to
your business


We know that change is constant and having agile cyber services that you can deploy quickly, safely and efficiently is essential.

Our framework makes it easy to introduce our expertise and services into your organisation.

While some projects require all elements from Identification to Protection, Detection/Response and Compliance; others require selected or standalone services from our portfolio.


Explore our portfolio of cyber security services by clicking on each section below to learn more:

Services you can deploy
to address your top-of-mind
cyber security concerns

Whatever the service, our team can get to work quickly to deploy services you need.
We can also help you plan for the future - so you can thrive now and well into the future.

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Risk Assessment


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Firewall Assessment

Is my IT environment secure?

How do I identify my IT vulnerabilities?


What is the impact if my IT vulnerabilities
are breached?


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How can I better prepare and protect my organisation against threats?


How do I improve my employees' security-awareness?

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How can I better prepare and protect my organisation against threats?


How do I improve my employees' security-awareness?

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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Does my organisation have an incident response plan?

How can I detect and respond effectively to threats?

How do I minimise damage and recover if we are attacked?

Managed Security
Operations Centre (SOC)

Cyber Fusion Centre

Continuous Breach Detection

Emergency Readiness and Response Service (ERRS)

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Do we comply with cyber security compliance standards?

How can I tell my customers my
environment is secure?

CSA Certification Preparation

Our Cybersecurity Framework

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We put our customers' business at the forefront of everything we do and drive in protection to the very core of their organisation. 


Our cyber security framework is comprehensive and trusted by leadership teams around the world for cyber intelligence, strategy and operational capability. 


Innovation and change are in our DNA and we are fortunate enough to work with key cyber innovators to offer some of the most rigorous and advanced solutions to help our customers secure their business and combat against evolving global cyber security threats.

Trusted Partner to support
Board-Level Priorities and Strategies

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Focus on your core
business and move
with confidence 

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Enable digital transformation and optimisation

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Secure your
assets, data and workforce

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Safeguard your

reputation and

build trust 

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Meet compliance and regulatory


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Expand safely and scale with ease in the digital world

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Discover how we can help you

Don't let cyber security concerns hold your organisation back any longer.


Find out how we can help resolve your business' unique security challenges so you can have a peace of mind and focus on what matters. 


Take the first step towards improving your cyber security resiliency and maturity by scheduling a free consultation with our team.  Contact us now to get started.

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